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ISSN 1862-7617
Publikationen - Aufsätze - 10-2000
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Prof. Dr. Orlan Lee, M.A. J.D. LL.M.

Media Alarm and the Handover

The "Right of Abode" Cases and Constitutional Crisis in Hong Kong

Portrait des AutorsThe dire prophecies, that "one country, two systems", was destined to failure, have not materialized. What should concern us, then, about law and democracy in Hong Kong? The courts in Hong Kong continue to operate on common law principles if you can stand the risk of the loser pays rule. Independence of the judicial process must be preserved if we are to have rule of law. But no decision of any court, no matter how popular, will go unquestioned if it is absurd, harsh, or unreasonable There must also be satisfactory means of revisiting such questionable decisions without abandoning due process of law altogether.

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China | Common Law | Due Process of Law | Hong Kong

Orlan Lee, HFR 2000, S. 70 ff.


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