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Publications - Essays - 11-2011
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Prof. Dr. Astrid Wallrabenstein

Die Verfassungsmäßigkeit des jüngsten Atomausstiegs

Zur 13. Novelle des Atomgesetzes

Abstract from the editors

Portrait des AutorsThe issue of constitutionality of the abandonment of the use of nuclear energy by the German government has been widely recognized in the national press. But the discussion lacked scientific analysis. The article tries to deliver this badly needed scientific analysis.

The author takes a position in favor of the abandonment of nuclear energy use in Germany. She conducts a thorough analysis of the constitutional civil rights of freedom of profession and economic activity and of equal protection. First the article focuses on the person entitled to those civil rights. As a result, entities held directly or indirectly by a government are not entitled to civil rights under the German constitution since civil rights are granted the people as a protection against government action.

Furthermore the article discusses the distinction between freedom of profession and constitutional guarantees to property. The license to produce energy in a nuclear power plant is not protected as a property right, but it falls into the scope of freedom of profession. The author also reveals her political position without diminishing the clarity of her analysis.

Hopefully this article will result in an academic discussion in which the nuclear power plant operators will deliver a thorough analysis of their position as well. They have not revealed the legal foundation of their claims in public yet.

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Index of contents

Constitutional Law | Energy Law | Public Law

abandonment of use of nuclear power | Civil Rights | equal protection | freedom of profession | Art. 3 GG | Art. 12 GG | Art. 14 GG | guarantee of property | Law regulating nuclear power | nuclear consensus | Nuclear Energy Law | nuclear power plant | operating license | power plant operator | residual electricity volume | scope of civil rights

Quotation reference:
Astrid Wallrabenstein, HFR 2011, S. 109 et seqq.

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Edited by Christoph Otto