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Publications - Essays - 11-2012
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Dr. Tobias Reinbacher

Zur Strafbarkeit des Streamings und der Umgehung von Geo-IP-Sperren durch private Nutzer

Abstract from the editors

Portrait des AutorsThe provision of digital content to the internet is often regulated by licensing agreements which differ by region and are tried to be enforced by technical means, notably "Geo-IP-Blocking". Via IP-Blocking, country-specific access limitations can be achieved to control a general worldwide availability. It is possible, however, to reroute the bitstream through specialized services and thus bypass restrictions based on IP-Blocking.

The following article examines the popular streaming of content and bypassing such access control mechanisms under the premises of German Criminal Law. In connection to this, Reinbacher identifies two separate fact patterns, of which he explains the respective technical background and their relevance according to German Criminal Law. He particularly discusses the interpretation of exclusion clauses in copyright law and in this matter opposes the controversial judgement of the Leipzig district court (Amtsgericht). In summary, Reinbacher considers none of these matters to be punishable.

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Index of contents

Criminal Law | Internet Law

Access Control | Anonymity | Buffer | Caching | Cloud | Computer Fraud | Copy Protection | Copyright Exceptions | Copyright Law | Copyright Limitations | Copyright Penal Law | Data Protection | Data Retention | Directive 2001/29/EC | Exploitation | Fair Use | Feasability | GEMA | Geo-IP | Geo-IP-Blocking | Geolocation | Hacking Article | Hulu | Informational Self-Determination | InfoSoc Directive | Internet | Internet Blocking | | Legal Use | Media Law | Netflix | On-Demand | Performance Protection | Premier League | Privacy | Private Copy | Privileging | Proxy | Punishability | Punishable | Regional Blockade | Reproduction | Reterritorialisation | Secrecy of Telecommunication | Software Cracking | Streaming | Use | Utilization | Virtual Private Network | VPN | Youtube | § 44a UrhG | § 95a UrhG | § 106 UrhG | § 108b UrhG | § 120 UrhG | § 202a UrhG | § 263a UrhG

Quotation reference:
Tobias Reinbacher, HFR 2012, S. 179 et seqq.

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Edited by Julian Hölzel, Christoph Otto