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ISSN 1862-7617
Publications - Essays - 18-2007
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Prof. Dr. iur. Dr. phil. Stefan Grundmann, LL.M. (Berkeley)

Die European Law School (Network)

Abstract from the editors

Portrait des AutorsStefan Grundmann introduces the new program "European Lawyer" in this article. The ambitious project seeks the ideal of unity and plurality in Europe and delivers an approach for its completion in legal education.
Indeed the European Law School is eligible only for the small part of the elite of students. Nevertheless the article gives urgent impulses for a reform in legal education on a broad basis. For most law students European Law in a broad sense becomes more and more important. Just to count on a modularisation à la Bologna is no usefull aproach because of the characteristics of legal education. Moreover it could lead to a degeneration of contents. The article may induce a discussion on this toppic.

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Legal Education

European Law | European Law School | European Lawyer | legal education

Quotation reference:
Stefan Grundmann, HFR 2007, S. 192 et seqq.

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Edited by Christoph Otto