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Publications - Essays - 3-2013
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Monika Bruss, LL.M.

Die Verträge zwischen der juris GmbH und der Bundesrepublik Deutschland – Angriff auf die Gemeinfreiheit?

Abstract from the author

Portrait des AutorsThe article looks at the contracts between legal database provider juris GmbH and the Federal Republic of Germany on the provision of editorially enhanced versions of official documents, and examines whether these contracts can be reconciled with the Informationsweiterverwendungsgesetz (Re-use of Public Sector Information Act – IWG). The IWG implements the “Public Sector Information” Directive 2003/98/EC and under certain circumstances grants a right to equal treatment concerning the re-use of public sector information. Neither the Directive nor the IWG apply to information that is protected under copyright or related rights law, though. Therefore, the article concerns in particular whether the documents that are editorially enhanced by public bodies for juris GmbH constitute official works that are in the public domain for the purposes of § 5 (1) or (2) German Copyright Act (Urheberrechtsgesetz – UrhG).

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administrative law | copyright law

2003/98/EC | case law | copyright | court decision | court decision library | database creator | decision database | directive | equality principle | headnotes | Informationsweiterverwendungsgesetz | judge-made law | judicial development of the law | juris | juris-contracts | juris GmbH | legal information service | LexisNexis | Lexxpress | non-discrimination | protection | protection of databases | public contract | public database | public document | public domain | public sector information directive | rule of law

Quotation reference:
Monika Bruss, HFR 2013, S. 16 et seqq.

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Edited by Julian Hölzel