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Publications - Essays - 3-2014
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Volker Gerloff

Sondergesetze für Flüchtlinge

Gerechtfertigte Notwendigkeit oder ungerechtfertigte Repression?

Abstract from the editors

Portrait des AutorsThe essay examines the legal situation of refugees in Germany before and after the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court in July 2012. Furthermore it deals with certain regulations of the German asylum law and residence law, which are constistently subject of political discussion: the principle of benefits in kind and the "residential obligation".

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Index of contents

Aliens Law | Asylum Law | Social Law

Aliens | Applicants for Asylum | AsylbLG | Asylum | Asylum Procedure | AsylVfG | AufenthG | Benefit-in-kind Principle | BVerfG | Freedom of Movement | Fugitives | Human Dignity | Migration | Minimum Subsistence Level | Racial Profiling | Reception Directive | Refugees | Requirement | Residential Obligation | Right of Residence | Sanction | Social Security Benefit | Special Laws | Suspension of Deportation | Voucher | § 1a AsylbLG | § 3 AsylbLG

Quotation reference:
Volker Gerloff, HFR 2014, S. 24 et seqq.

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Edited by Rebecca Sieber