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ISSN 1862-7617
Publications - Essays - 4-2008
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Dr. rer. pol. Edith Obinger-Gindulis

Zwischen Moral und Selbstbestimmung - Ein Blick über die Grenzen: Die Abtreibungsregime der OECD-Länder und ihre Bestimmungsfaktoren im Vergleich

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This article focuses on abortion politics in 22 Western democracies. It shows that there is a significant party impact on abortion policies. Countries which were ruled a long time by conservative parties produced more restrictive abortion laws than countries with a strong presence of left-wing parties in government. Moreover, in some countries the abortion policy is also influenced by direct democracy and constitutional courts.

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Comparative Law | Criminal Law

abortion law | Criminal Law | German Criminal Code | German Penal Code | OECD

Quotation reference:
Edith Obinger-Gindulis, HFR 2008, S. 40 et seqq.

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Edited by Kathrin Schwärzel