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Publications - Essays - 4-2014
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Prof. Dr. Ulrich Karpen

Was darf Literatur?

Kunstfreiheit und Persönlichkeitsschutz - Zu den Entscheidungen des Bundesverfassungsgerichtes „Mephisto“ (1971) und „Esra“ (2007)

Abstract from the editors

Portrait des AutorsThe judgements "Mephisto" and "Esra" by the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany strongly shaped the relation between two fundamental rights: to which extent may the right to privacy impose limits to the freedom of expression in arts? The following article analyzes both decisions to unfold a constitutional and systematic approach to this question.

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Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law | Esra | Federal Constitutional Court | Freedom of Expression in Arts | Fundamental Rights | Human Rights | Mephisto | Right to Privacy

Quotation reference:
Ulrich Karpen, HFR 2014, S. 40 et seqq.

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Edited by Julian Hölzel