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Publications - Essays - 5-2003
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Dr. Wolfgang M. Schröder

Politische Globalisierung der Gerechtigkeit

Anwege zur grundrechtsstaatlichen Demokratie im Weltmaßstab

Abstract from the editors

Portrait des AutorsIn normative theory, justice is agreed to be the first and decisive virtue of political institutions. It is the core criterion of political legitimacy, requiring polities to be modelled on the moral imperative that political institutions should maximize, and equalize, citizens' ability to shape the social context in which they live. On these grounds, globalization of justice becomes a normative political issue. It might best be realized by globalizing the politically just polity par excellence: democracy based on the respect for human rights. Global government or governance, when installed, has to be organized accordingly. More precisely, any such polity must be based on, and limited to, those supranational competences necessary to organize a global rule of law. The vision of a subsidiary secondary-state-like "world republic" enforcing democratic and republican concerns at a global level can serve as a regulative idea in this respect.

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Wolfgang M. Schröder, HFR 2003, S. 29 et seqq.

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Edited by Philipp Fischer