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Publications - Competitons - 6. Competition > 5-2007
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Marco Schwarz


Abstract from the author

Portrait des AutorsThe Bundestag as department of an enterprise? The Reichstag as gigantic production hall? The Berlin Republic as “law made to measure - ltd.”?
This article describes in an ironic way the legislation process from a bill to the entry into force of a law. It is not produced, but – in the true sense of the word – manufactured. Federal organs and politics have their terminological equivalent in the world of business. Hence, the Federal Constitutional Court turns into the board of directors and the Chancellor becomes the CEO, the tasks of the committees and the parliamentary parties are relocated from the offices to the assembly line. The legislative procedure is not only allegorised as a manufacturing process but furthermore it is critically questioned in crucial phases. De jure only the federal organs might be involved in the legislative process, de facto the media, pressure groups and the EU play an important role behind the scenes. Considerations about whip, direct democracy, the German reform of federalism and soft law as well as a critical examination of the federal organs complete the article.

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Marco Schwarz, HFR 2007, S. 45 et seqq.

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