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ISSN 1862-7617
Publications - Essays - 5-2012
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Prof. em. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Michael Stolleis

Zur kritischen Funktion der Rechtsgeschichte

Abstract from the editors

Portrait des AutorsWho needs history? The debate as to whether and how we should include fundamentals-based teaching such as sociology, philosophy or history into German law students curricula continues.

In this article, Michael Stolleis takes the example of legal history to analyse the importance of these fundamentals-based courses. He demonstrates the current difficult state of teaching in this field, but lays out the means by which studying the history of law strengthens the ability to critically analyse problems. The article calls for a reform of the current German law school curriculum - away from the ever growing fields of positive law and towards a refocus on the basics.

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Index of contents

Law of sciences | Legal history

Analysis | Comparative law | Economisation | External funds | Focus | Legal education | Legal history | Legal philosophy | Legal theory | Methodology | Reception | Reflexion | Reformation | Reformation of legal education | Science | Sociology of law

Quotation reference:
Michael Stolleis, HFR 2012, S. 77 et seqq.

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Edited by Christoph Otto und Peter Schmidt