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ISSN 1862-7617
Publications - Essays - 6-2011
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Thomas Heimann

Observing Network Neutrality

The Legal Challenges of a “Digital Ecology”

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Network neutrality is a controversial telecommunication policy issue throughout the democratic world. The article doubts the contention of Reidenberg that a "Lex Informatica" is derived from technical constraints. Moreover it shows that there is no observer-independent technical rule that can claim validity comparable to a natural law.

Furthermore the article analyses the metaphor of a "digital ecology" which is often used in connection with the network neutrality debate. It shows that this metaphor does not describe the issue of network neutrality in a vast majority of contexts. With its implied comparison to the environment it may be misleading in certain contexts.

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Index of contents

Legal policy | Telecommunication law

Internet | Lex Informatica | Network economy | Network management | Regulation | Reidenberg | Second-order cybernetics

Quotation reference:
Thomas Heimann, HFR 2011, S. 64 et seqq.

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Edited by Christoph Otto