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Publications - Essays - 7-2014
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Ilias Triantafyllakis

Die Kosten-Preis-Schere im europäischen und deutschen Kartellrecht

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This paper deals with the prohibition of margin squeeze within the European and German antitrust law. Firstly, in order to ascertain whether the business strategy at hand constitutes a margin squeeze one needs to determine the prerequisites that have to be fulfilled. A normative benchmark is then necessary to identify if the pricing policy in question is abusive. For fulfilling this difficult legal and economical task different approaches are taken. The third and last fundamental question has to do with the subsumption: should a new offense of market domination be introduced or would it be right if a margin squeeze was subsumed under one of the already existing?

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Index of contents

Antitrust Law | Competition Law | European Law

Abuse of a Dominant Position | As-Efficient-Competitor-Test | Bronner-Test | But For-Scenario | Compression de Marge | Consumer-Welfare-Test | ECJ | Efficiency Defense | Efficient-Component-Pricing-Rule | Essential Facilities | Exploitative Abuse | Leverage-Effect | Margin Squeeze | Market Power | Meeting Competition Defense | No-Economic-Sense-Test | Objective Necessity Defense | Predatory Pricing | Price Discrimination | Price Squeeze | Raising-Rivals-Costs | Reasonable-Efficient-Competitor-Test | Refusal to Supply | Regulation Law | Sacrifice-Test | Single Monopoly Profit | Super-Dominance | Telecommunication | TKG | Vertically Integrated Enterprises

Quotation reference:
Ilias Triantafyllakis, HFR 2014, S. 75 et seqq.

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