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Publications - Essays - 9-2013
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Christoph Gramlich

The European Convention of Human Rights and Environmental Claims: A Right to a Sound, Quiet and Healthy Environment but no General Protection of the Environment

Abstract from the author

Portrait des AutorsThis essay examines how the European Convention On Human Rights (‘ECHR’) deals with environmental claims.

It firstly shows that the ECHR does not expressly entail a right to a sound, quiet and healthy environment, but that the European Court of Human Rights (‘ECtHR’) construed certain existing ECHR rights to include environmental dimensions where necessary to fulfil their objective. The case law based environmental dimensions are afterwards examined in detail.

Secondly, the essay examines the general protection of the environment under the ECHR. It will be shown that although the ECHR is not designed to provide general protection of the environment, the ECtHR has to consider that very interest in some instances.

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Index of contents

Environmental Law

Adverse Environmental Factors | Anthropocentrism | Art. 1 | Art. 2 | Art. 6 | Art. 8 | Art. 10 | Art 1 | Art 2 | Art 6 | Art 8 | Art 10 | Article 1 | Article 2 | Article 6 | Article 8 | Article 10 | ECHR | Ecocentrism | ECtHR | Environment | Environmental Claims | Environmental Dimension | Environment Protection | EU | Europe | European Convention on Human Rights | Fair Trial | Family Life | Freedom of Expression | Human Rights | Human Rights Convention | Information | Justification | Legitimate Aim | Margin of Appreciation | Negative Obligations | Obligations | Positive Obligations | Private Life | Property | Proportionality | Proportionate Measure | Protection of Property | Requirements | Right to Environment | Right to Life

Quotation reference:
Christoph Gramlich, HFR 2013, S. 95 et seqq.

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Edited by Julian Hölzel