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Publications - Essays - 5-2002
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Prof. Hans A. Linde

U.S. Federalism and Election Law (Bush v. Gore)

Abstract from the editors

Portrait des AutorsProfessor Hans A. Linde addresses the continued importance of individual states' laws in the United States of America. As an example, he shows the intertwining of federal and state laws concerning U.S. presidential elections. Then, Linde gives a detailled analysis of the legal issues arising from the presidential election of 2000 (George W. Bush v. Al Gore) and of the judgments by the Florida and the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Foreign Public Law

Bush, George W. | Constitutional Law | Election Law | Federalism | Florida Supreme Court | Gore,Al | Presidential Elections | Supreme Court | U.S. | United States of America

Quotation reference:
Hans A. Linde, HFR 2002, S. 56 et seqq.

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Edited by Wolfgang Zenker